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  1. SINGLE MEMBERSHIP shall be extended to unmarried Jewish men and women and families headed by a single Jewish parent. Single members shall pay half of the dues for family membership; full building fund, general fund assessments, special assessments, tuitions and funds. 
  2. FAMILY MEMBERSHIP shall be extended to married couples, one of whom must be of the Jewish faith at the time of application for membership, and which entitles husband, wife and unmarried children, to age 29, to all membership privileges. Family members shall pay full dues, full building fund, general fund assessments, special assessments, tuition and fees.
  3. ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP Associate members shall pay one-half for the first two years and 75% for the last two years of the dues and general fund assessments levied against family members and shall not be obligated to pay the building fund or/and other special assessments.
  4. EDUCATIONAL MEMBERSHIP shall be extended to any Jewish child whose legal custodian(s) is not of the Jewish faith. Only tuition and fees shall be paid on behalf of the educational members who shall be entitled to only the right to receive religious education at the Congregation's religious school, to prepare for Bar/Bat Mitzvah and Confirmation, receive the same in the Temple, and participate in all Temple-sponsored youth activities provided that tuition and fees are not in arrears.

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Temple Beth Torah
35 Bagatelle Road
Melville NY 11747
631-643-1200 fax: 631-643-3011

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