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Sunday, March 12th ~ Purim On Broadway

9:00 Setup

10:00 Megillah Reading

11:00 - 1:00 Purim Carnival

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Youth Group Calendar:

Youth Group Sign Up:

  • Advanced sign-up is required for all events.
  • Dues have been included in your Religious School Registration for grades 3 through 7.
  • Additional fees apply for away, events, late nights, and overnights.
  • Parents are required to chaperone at least one Youth Group event per year.
  • Forms may be updated at any time by completing a new form

Our Mission :

  • Youth group is designed to help participants develop positive feelings about the synagogue and encourage active participation in Jewish life after becoming a Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

Our Youth Programs :

  • Temple Beth Torah has an active youth program for 3rd - 6th Graders and an integrated Youth and Religious School Program for our 7th Graders and 8th - 12th Graders (JTV)
  • Each youth program has its own calendar comprised of events held at Temple Beth Torah in the Jeffrey Zukerman Youth Lounge and trips both in our local community and away.
  • Youth group events consist of Tzedakah / community service, worship, educational and social events which help to promote and strengthening Jewish ties and friendships.

Student Leadership opportunities :

  • TEMBTY Steering Committee and Mission: Mitzvah Board is designed to provide a safe place for students to talk about important issues, explore leadership potential and develop a strong Jewish identity.
  • Participants in these groups help to plan the youth group calendar, make choices on the food being served at events, design programs, and help with the planning of the Purim Carnival.

Participation in NFTY/ NFTY~NAR :

  • NFTY~NAR is the North American Federation of Temple Youth ~ New York Area Region
  • NFTY~NAR has monthly programming for 9th – 12th Graders
  • NFTY~NAR invites 8th Graders to join them for their Spring Kallah
  • Jr. Youth Group Kallah is designed for 6th & 7th Graders
  • NFTY6 are programs designed for 6th Graders
  • More information and dates for events can be found at

College Connection Program:

  • Youth group does not end when you graduate! Our College Connection program reaches out to graduates from Temple Beth Torah and encourages the continuation of their involvement in our Jewish community by inviting them to special events, inviting them to speak to our JTV members about college life, visiting some of them on our JTV trips, and sending them cards and care packages.

Parent Participation Opportunities:

  • Be a parent chaperone at Youth Group events
  • Be a parent and help purchase supplies for Youth Group events
  • Help plan the Purim Carnival
  • Help on the weekend or the day of the Purim Carnival
  • Join YAC our Youth Group Action Committee

Purim 2017:

  • Save the date: Sunday, March 12, 2017
  • Purim 2017 Pre-Sale Forms
  • Purim 2017 Sponsorship Forms


Youth Group is a place to have fun, be comfortable and make new friends.


5th grade ambassador 2014 Club TEMBTY Hunger Program 2013 Game Truck 2013

5th Grade Ambassador & Club TEMBTY Steering Committee Dinner Out

May 2014
Club TEMBTY Hunger Program Making Sandwiches for Mercy Inn November 2013

All Youth Group Game Truck Planned by Club TEMBTY Steering Committee

January 2014
5th Grade Science Guy 2013 Thanksgiving Packing Thanksgivikkah Latka Plate making 2013

5th Grade YG Science Guy

December 2013
Thanksgiving Packing November 2013 Thanksgivikkah Latkah Plates November 2013


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