2015 – 2016 Calendar

Tues. 8                            WELCOME BACK! Classes begin today! 4:30-6:30p
                                         New Family Orientation for parents 5:45-6:30p
Wed. 9                            New Family Orientation for parents 5:45-6:30p
Thurs. 10                        7th Grade Family Orientation 6:30-8:30p (Students and Parents attend)
Mon. 14-Tues. 15          NO CLASSES
                                         Rosh Hashanah (Check TBTny.org for all service times) Shana Tova!
Tues. 22-Weds. 23       NO CLASSES – Yom Kippur
Sun. 27                            5th Grade Sukkot PACT (Students and Parents attend) 4:30p
                                         ALL GRADE FAMILIES Sukkot Service w/”Pizza in the Hut” 6p
Mon. 28                          NO BOOT CAMP – Happy Sukkot!
Weds. 30                        6th Grade Chavurah Mitzvah Project Orientation 6pm-7pm (with Parent)

Sun. 4                              6:30pm SIMCHAT TORAH SERVICES – ALL GRADE FAMILIES
                                          3rd Grade Families/New Member Families Special Dinner 5:15pm
Sun. 18                            Mishpacha University
Tues. 20                         4th Grade Israel PACT (Students and Parents attend) 4:30-6:30p
Weds. 21                         4th Grade Israel PACT (Students and Parents attend) 4:30-6:30p
Thurs. 22                        7th Grade Virtue Lecture

Tues. 3                             3rd Grade Baby Naming PACT Program 4:30-6:30p (with Parent)
Weds. 4                           3rd Grade Baby Naming PACT Program 4:30-6:30p (with Parent)
Fri. 6                                4th Grade Shabbat Service 6:30pm
Tues. 10                           6th Grade Chavurah Lecture 6-7:30p (with Parent)
Weds. 11                          NO CLASSES – Veterans’ Day
Thurs. 12                         7th Grade Chavaya Night (Students only. Parents do not attend)
Fri. 13                               K-1-2 Shabbat Service w/Tot Shabbat 5:45pm
Sun. 22                             Mishpacha University w/Special Guest Rabbi Gellman! 10am-12pm
                                           Thanksgiving Food Packing @ Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal
Wed-Thurs. 25-26         NO CLASSES – Happy Thanksgiving!

Wed. 2                            Morah Debbie’s Class PACT 4:30pm-6pm (Students and Parents attend)
Sun. 6                             Mishpacha University 10am-12pm
Fri. 11                             Hanukkah Shabbat Service – All are welcome! Bring your Menorah!
Sat. 19                            7th Grade Chavaya Day 10a-1p (Students only.)
Thurs. 24-Sun 1/3       NO CLASSES – Enjoy Vacation!

Mon. 4                           CLASSES/BOOT CAMP RESUMES
Sun. 10                          Mishpacha University 10am-12pm
Fri. 22                            5th Grade Shabbat Service (Led with help from our students!)
Tues. 26                        4th Grade Tu B’Shevat Seder 4:30pm-6:30pm(Parents attend)
Weds. 27                       4th Grade Tu B’SHevat Seder 4:30pm-6:30pm(Parents attend)
Thurs. 28                      7th Grade Trip to the Glen Cove Holocaust Center 6pm-8pm

Tues. 2                           6th Grade Chavurah Lecture(Students and Parents attend)
Sun. 7                             Mishpacha University 10am-12pm
Weds. 10                        Morah Debbie’s Class PACT 4:30-6:30 (with Parents)
Mon. 15-Thurs. 19       NO CLASSES – Happy Birthday, Presidents!
Mon. 22                         CLASSES RESUME
Weds. 24                       Morah Susan’s Class PACT (with Parents)
                                        3rd Grade Wedding PACT 6PM-7:15PM (with Parents)

Fri. 4                              3rd Grade Shabbat Service 6:30p
Sun. 6                            Mishpacha University 10am-12pm
Sun. 20                          Megillah Reading and Purim Carnival 10a
Thurs. 24                      NO CLASSES (HHH Off)

Fri. 1                              6th Grade Shabbat Service (Led completely by our students!) 6:30pm
Weds. 6                         5th Grade Field Trip (with Parents)
Sun. 10                          Mishpacha University 10am-12pm
Weds. 13                       Morah Debbie’s Class PACT Program (with Parents)

Tues. 19                         3rd Grade “Dear Hope, Love Grandma” PACT Program 4:30-6:30 (Parent and/or Grandparent attend)
Weds. 20                      3rd Grade “Dear Hope, Love Grandma” PACT Program 4:30-6:30 (Parent and/or Grandparent attend)
Thurs. 21                       7th Grade Commencement Service 6:30p
Mon. 25-Thurs. 28      NO CLASSES – Happy Passover!

Weds. 4                          Morah Susan’s Class PACT Program (with Parents)
Mon. 9-Thurs 12          LAST WEEK OF CLASSES AND BOOT CAMP –

•Please note that Bar/Bat Mitzvah lessons CONTINUE through the end of June