Israel Holocaust Survivors Project

TBT’s Social Action Committee is embarking on a new and highly critical program. Its name is “The Israel Holocaust Survivors Project” of Temple Beth Torah.

Believe it or not there are 189,000 living holocaust survivors in Israel. Of course, they are quite old and what’s tragic is that 40,000 of these survivors are living below the poverty level! As heartbreaking as this is, there is an Israeli organization that has taken up the challenge of making sure that they are well fed and taken care of. This organization is called “LATET” (meaning to give). Due to Israel’s security needs straining its economy, it cannot fully support the survivors. LATET services are delivered totally by volunteers (except for a small fulltime staff and expenses representing only 5% of its contribution base).

Temple Beth Torah’s Social Action Group has developed a campaign to help LATET. Our goal is to feed as many holocaust survivors as the temple membership can raise funds for. Incredibly, LATET has been able to put together a nutritionally sound food program which can feed an individual survivor on $1000 a year! We will know the name of each survivor we are about to feed as we contribute our money, which gets to LATET immediately!


The Latet program provides more than just food. It provides comprehensive aid:
— Nutrition — a monthly food basket, adapted to specific needs of the individual
— Medical needs
— Emergency fund — for dental treatment, emergency needs, disability aids, etc
— Social support — volunteers visit survivors regularly building a social support network
— Restorations — apartment renovations to improve the quality of life and personal security

Here are some of our key dates:
— Jan 18: Donations begin for The Israel Holocaust Survivors Project through TBT’s Web site
— Feb 21: Rabbi Moskowitz official e-mail kickoff announcement to members
— Apr 4: End of March Madness Fundraiser (100% Religious School participation)
— May 1: Latet briefing and Walkathon to Anne Frank Memorial with Israel Scouts (“Tsofim”)
— May 6: Campaign culminates on Yom Hashoah

Walk-a-Thon to Anne Frank Memorial
Questions? Contact Rabbi Wiesenberg 643 1200 x 328 or
Please register by Apr 27 by calling 643-1200 x 5 and saying “I WILL WALK FOR LATET!”
Click here for the PLEDGE SHEET
— 10am Opening Ceremonies at Temple Beth Torah, 35 Bagatelle Road.
— Then walk 0.6 miles from TBT to Arboretum Park on Wilmington Drive.
— After our walk for Latet, we end with ice cream (for pledges or cash), games and family fun.

Your contribution is vital to the success of “The Israel Holocaust Survivors Project” and to the life of a survivor.


Click here to visit the LATET WEB SITE

Click here to watch a very moving LATET YOUTUBE VIDEO

Israel Holocaust Survivors Project of TBT Social Action Committee