Officers and Trustees

Executive Officers 2020-2021

Vanessa Newman
newmanv2 resizeVanessa has been a Temple member for 18 years, being on the Board of Trustees for nine years serving in different capacities: Financial Secretary prior to becoming President and was Education Chair for seven years as well as sitting on various committees.  She became an Adult B’nei Mitzvah in 2011 and has a Masters Degree in School Psychology but no longer practices.  Married to Ira Newman for 24 years and have two boys Alec and Ethan who both attend Binghamton University.  

Enjoys baking, photography, family time, our dogs and being with friends.  My favorite part about TBT is our amazing Clergy and the incredible sense of community Temple Beth Torah provides.


Executive Vice President
Brian Goldstein
Brian Goldstein.jpeg




First Vice President

Gerry Poliak

Second Vice President
Andrew Sherman

Amy Kreit

Financial Secretary
Robin Steinberg

Corresponding Secretary
Jackie Fogel

Recording Secretary
Elise Rippe-Freiberger
Elise Rippe-FreibergerElise has been on the board for almost 15 years, and has been on the Executive Board for about 10 years. She has been VP in the past and in most recent years has been the Recording Secretary.

She has also been a member of TBT since the temple was born over 50 years ago, and her parents were founding members of the temple.


Immediate Past President
Richard Nussbaum
Richard Nussbaum

Board of Trustees:

Sandy Berland

Debra Blaine

David Blansky
David Blansky

Stephanie Caen

Tony Caen
Tony Caen

Mary Resnick- Chan

Aric Dinnerman

Maggie Farkas

Lonnie Fogel

Miriam Hirsch

Bill Konkel
Bill Konkel resize

Naomi Mandell

Howard Mankin
Howard Mankin

Robin Messinger

Brett Rogers

Michael Schmidt

Chris Siegel

Sindy Speelman