President’s Message

Dec 2015 The Arc – (Berland)


First, although everyone will have received an individual note, a sincere thank you, once again, to the many who contributed to our annual Kol Nidre appeal. Tzedakah, and especially tzedakah given to help to sustain one’s synagogue and its work, is one of Judaism’s highest and most cherished values, and it is one of the reasons we have survived as a people over the millenia. So again, thank you for your generosity and support.

Second, our hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to the families of those slain and to those injured in the recent Paris terrorist attacks and in the ongoing assaults upon our brothers and sisters in Israel. We will continue you to keep you informed of ways both to support relief efforts in Israel and around the world and to express solidarity with Jewish communities everywhere.

Third, please take advantage of the many, many educational, ritual, cultural and social events our Congregation has to offer. There is nothing more satisfying and fulfilling than joining with members of your own community to learn, pray and celebrate. And it’s fun.

Fourth, consider becoming part of our Temple leadership. Join one of our committees – see the list on our website, No matter what your interests and your availability, there’s at least one that’s right for you. Or help out with a special project. Or both. You’ll get to work, and to share your skills, with some terrific people. And you’ll be helping your Temple, your community and the world.

Finally, but by no means any less importantly, have a very Happy Chanukah and a happy, healthy and fulfilling new year.

L’shalom, Sandy