Temple Beth Torah Events

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Tickets are a flat fee per person. $36.  
A Charcuterie board that serves 2-4 people can be purchased for $75.  
Sponsorships (includes a table and chairs for your party)
$150 - 2 tickets with a platter and bottle of wine
$200 -  4 tickets with a platter and wine
$360 - 8 tickets with a platter and 2 bottles
$500 -  same as $360 with prime seating
Vegetarian option available for the charcuterie board.
A large portion of the proceeds will be going toward the cost of the streaming installation in the sanctuary, as well as other musical programming at TBT.
Special Guest Artists-
Paul Block          Andy Goldberg         Peter Kanelous
John Ridolpho             Mike Schmidt             Jody Siegel
If you are not sponsoring a table, bring your comfy lawn chairs.

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