TLC @ TBT – Temple Loving Care


TLC @ TBT – Temple Loving Care

The phrase “it takes a village” comes to mind as we create a new way to reach out to our temple family.  We hope that every member of our congregation will join us in this effort to strengthen connections between congregants.  

Our mission is to enhance and nurture the spirit of community within our congregation by addressing the emotional and/or special needs of all our congregants throughout their individual life cycle events.  Every member of Temple Beth Torah is a part of our Caring Community and may be called upon to help celebrate, support and/or comfort others in need within our congregation.

TLC @ TBT can help you in lots of ways:

— Pick up a prescription or do a little grocery shopping
— Drive you to a Doctor’s appointment or Chemotherapy
— Help you out in a bind
— Stop by for a friendly visit
— Drop off a Meal while you are recovering from surgery or an illness
— Lead a shiva minyan

Support Network

Our Congregation is creating informal networks for people to lend support, an ear or meet up for a coffee, starting with the topics of bereavement, caring for aging parents and spouses and raising kids with special needs.

TLC @ TBT Volunteer

Help us grow our Caring Community. Become at TLC @ TBT Volunteer.  

Contact Robin Steinberg at or Rabbi Susie Moskowitz at 


If you or someone you know is ill, recovering from surgery, or homebound and would like a visitor, please let us know so we can help.  

Contact Robin Steinberg at or Rabbi Susie Moskowitz at 

Programs & Community Links

The Shiva Minyan: How to Lead…  Take the mystery out of what it means to lead a shiva minyan.  I learn how to be a source of support and help at at time of need.  Class dates:  TBA