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How to Share With Just Friends

How to share with just friends.

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Free Events for Members  (funded by donations) (click link for details)
-- Apr 1, 2020  Impact of Covid-19 on Business  (Blansky, Pinkowitz)
-- Apr 20  Film about Indian-American Jewish Artist  (Pinkowitz)  (Schmooze)
-- May 6  Kids and Social Media  (Mandell, Goldstein) (Adele Tongish) ***
-- May 11 Thrive in These Challenging Times  (Moskowitz, Fusco) (Holly Boxenhorn) *** 
-- May 18  Prayer 101 (Moskowitz, Pinkowitz) (Schmooze) 
-- Jun 9   Book Presentation “The Interpreter” by AJ Sidransky  (Moskowitz)
-- Jun 15  Israel Current Events  (Pinkowitz)  (Schmooze) 
-- July 12  Dealing with Aging Parents (Steinberg, Hirsch) ***
-- July 20  Setting Up and Managing a Free Account for Zoom Video Meetings (Pinkowitz) (Schmooze)
-- Aug 2 Family Movie Night Fundraiser (Mandel, Speelman)
-- Aug 17 Jewish Mysticism Video: Introduction to Kabbalah (Pinkowitz) (Schmooze)
-- Sept 13  Family Movie Night  (after BBQ) (Fundraiser)
-- Sept 21 Alan Morinis video on What is Mussar? (Pinkowitz) (Schmooze)
-- Oct 3 Outdoor Wade Preston Concert (Fundraiser)
-- Oct 12  The Rosenberg Case: Guilty of Espionage? (ADEPT)
-- Oct 19 Leonard Bernstein video on What Does Music Mean? (Pinkowitz) (Schmooze)
-- Oct 24 Habitat for Humanity Builds (Messinger, Hirsch)
-- Oct 28  Death and Dying: The Jewish Afterlife (ADEPT)
-- Nov 9  President Truman and the Founding of Israel (ADEPT) Zoom Video
-- Nov 14 Comedy Night - Auction (Fundraiser)
-- Nov 19 Prophets and Writings   (Moskowitz) (Monthly) 
-- Dec 7  Eric Mendelson: Architect With a Vision  (Pinkowitz) (Schmooze)
-- Dec 9  The Takeaway Men by Meryl Ain (ADEPT)
-- Dec 10  Zoom Users Group  (Pinkowitz) (Monthly) 
-- Dec 13  Dealing with Stress (Steinberg) (Monthly)
-- Dec 20, 2020  Walk and Talk Group  (HHH Library Parking Lot) (Pinkowitz) (Monthly)


-- Jan 13, 2021  Brotherhood Zoom Golf Lesson 
Jan 20  Stories of Presidential Elections (ADEPT) 
-- Feb 11  Brotherhood Zoom Golf Lesson (Milgrim)
-- Aug 1  Move-and-Eat Group (Pinkowitz) (Monthly)
-- Oct 3  Brotherhood Soccer Workout (Pinkowitz)
-- Oct 10  Dealing with Stress (Steinberg) (Monthly)
-- Oct 17  Walk-and-Talk Group  (HHH Library Parking Lot) (Pinkowitz) (Monthly)
-- Oct 24  Brotherhood Canoe/Kayak Trip (Dinnerman)
-- Nov 17  Brotherhood Bowling (Blansky)

Friends Meet New Friends at TBT Campaign:
  -- Midnight Run (Jan)                            (Messinger) 
  -- Purim Carnival (Feb)                         (Mishkin)
  -- Habit for Humanity (May)                (Messinger)
  -- Food Drive (May, Sept)                     (Hirsch, Roth)
  -- Golf Outing (Jun)                               (Rudman)  
  -- Gerald Ryan Camp (July)                  (Hirsch, Pinkowitz) 
  -- Sukkah Build (Sept)                          (Brotherhood) 
  -- New Member BBQ (Sept)                (Brotherhood)  
  -- Canoe/Kayak Trip (Oct)                    (Brotherhood)
  -- Family Bowling (Nov, Feb)                (Brotherhood)
  -- Shabbat Experience (Nov)                (Mishkin, Moskowitz)  
  -- Sharing Table                                     (Resnick, Roth)  
  -- TBT-DHJC Village                                (Pinkowitz, Moskowitz)
  -- Eco-Friendly Projects for Kids         (Konkel) 
  -- Mitzvah Monday                                (Hirsch)  

New Member Buddy Program

Parenting Series
            -- First Aid and Dealing With Choking (Goldstein)
            -- Raising Children in Today’s World (Schmidt)  
            -- Parenting With Jewish Values (Moskowitz)
            -- Developing Better Sleep Habits (Fusco)
            -- Kids and Social Media #2 (Mandell) (Adele Tongish)