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Welcome to the Temple Beth Torah (TBT) Schmooze group. We meet on the 3rd Monday of each month at 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM via Zoom video to discuss subjects of general interest. Our attendees include temple members and non-members, men and women. We look forward to seeing you at a future meeting. Check out our meeting schedule below. If you have questions, comments or suggestions, call or e-mail.
David and Ronnie Pinkowitz
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TBT Schmooze Group
— What: TBT Schmooze Group
— Who: TBT members and non-members, men and women
— Why: to educate, entertain and discuss
— When: 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM on the 3rd Monday of each month 
— Where: at TBT ZOOM (, Meeting ID: 811 7016 8283)

— Jan 20, 2020:  NO MEETING (TBT closed for MLK Day)
— Feb 17:  NO MEETING (TBT closed for Presidents Day)
— Mar 16:  Israel Documentary Film (with David Pinkowitz)
Apr 20Siona Benjamin Documentary (with David Pinkowitz)
— May 18:  Overview of Jewish Prayer (with Rabbi Susie Moskowitz)
— Jun 15:  Israel Current Events (with David Pinkowitz)
— July 20:  Setting Up and Managing a Free Zoom Account for Video Meetings (with David Pinkowitz)
— Aug 17:  Video . . Jewish Mysticism: Introduction to Kabbalah (with David Pinkowitz)
— Sept 21:  Video . . Alan Morinis on What is Mussar? (with David Pinkowitz)
— Oct 19:  Video . . Leonard Bernstein on What Does Music Mean? (with David Pinkowitz)
— Dec 7:  Eric Mendelson: Architect With a Vision (with Michael Palmer and DCP)

— Jan 18, 2021:   Schmoozing with Rabbi Susie (with David Pinkowitz)
— Feb 15:    Schmoozing with Vanessa Newman (with David Pinkowitz)
— Mar 15:    Schmoozing with Brian Goldstein (with David Pinkowitz)
— Apr 19:   Schmoozing with Rabbi Rachel (with David Pinkowitz)
— May 17:    Great Moments in Sports (with David Pinkowitz)
— Jun 21:    Lady in Number 6: Music Saved My Life (with David Pinkowitz)
— July 19:    Analysis of National Election in Israel (with David Pinkowitz)
— Sept 20:    Growing up Jewish in Georgia (with Robyn Weiner and David Pinkowitz)
— Oct 18:    CHAI Lecture #1
— Nov 15:    CHAI Lecture #5
— Dec 20:    Rabbi's Sermon Discussion
— Jan 17, 2022:    Negative Self-Talk

— Mar 2019: Video on Jewish Sports Legends (with Alan Freedman)
— Apr 2019: Collecting Historical Autographs and Documents (with Howard Zerwitz)
— May 2019: Israel Current Events (with David Pinkowitz and Rich Lyons)
— July 2019: Jewish Genealogy. Ma Nishtana? (with Nolan Altman)
— Aug 2019: Who Were the Best American Presidents? (with Steve Rochester)
— Sept 16: My Favorite Restaurants (with David Pinkowitz)
— Nov 18: Israel Current Events (with David Pinkowitz)
— Dec 16: Challenges to Physicians in Today’s Healthcare System (with Debra Blaine MD)