Engagement Committee

Delivering Value and Meaning.  Building a Culture of Philanthropy.

For information, contact David Pinkowitz at dpinkowitz@dcpmarketing.com or 631-491-5343.

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FREE EVENTS for MEMBERS   (funded by donations)
Apr 1, 2020 Bowling Night (Blansky, Pinkowitz).
— Apr 5, 2020 Masculinity in Today’s World (Blansky).
— ** May 18, 2020 Prayer 101 (Moskowitz, Pinkowitz).
— ** Children and Social Media (Mandell, Goldstein).
— Dealing with Stress, Depression & Addiction (Steinberg, Hirsch).
— Dealing with Aging Parents (Steinberg, Hirsch).
— Raising Children in Today’s World (Goldstein, Newman).
— Shabbat Dinner at TBT (Moskowitz) .
— Prophets & Sages (Moskowitz, Farkas).
— Health & Nutrition (Dinnerman, Blaine, Goldstein).
     ** Candidate for Monthly Discussion Group