Membership 2021-22:
What You Need To Know  
Commitment To Giving

Our First Year Was A Success! 

  • Because of the kindness and generosity of this congregation, we reached our goal for membership pledges. Nearly
    half the congregation pledged at the Sustaining Level or above. 
  • Pledges from Commitment To Giving increased our revenue by 3% over last year's traditional dues model which makes up 40% of our total revenue in our overall budget.  
  • Your volunteer leadership was dedicated to a higher level of financial transparency to ensure you understood what
    it took to provide the exceptional level of programming and support to your temple community.
  • In an extremely challenging year, this financial support allowed us to maintain our outreach in the
    community and kept you engaged and connected.
  • Offering greater flexibility and ownership in determining your level of financial participation resulted in more families remaining committed to temple membership beyond lifecycle events and less families on financial assistance.  

How Do We Maintain Our Level Of Success? 

  • Encourage higher pledges to help keep your temple strong going into the future while maintaining
    financial stability. 
  • Continue to provide exceptional services and programming.
  • Maintain our culture of philanthropy and partnership which leads to financial sustainability and greater support
    from our community. 
  • Grow the membership through a campaign to increase new members, invite back former members, and actively
    seek out new Lifetime Members.
  • Remain transparent regarding temple finances.
  • Start our Legacy Giving and Endowment campaigns.
  • Continue to rely on the generosity of TBT members through fundraising; pledges alone cannot sustain TBT.  

Facts And Details About Commitment To Giving 

  • For families with children not yet in third grade, voluntary pledges will remain the same. 
  • Families are welcome to join at their comfort level from $1,500 and up while families with children in 3rd - 7th grade may pledge at $1,950 and above, all with full membership benefits.
  • Special arrangements will be made for members in need of financial assistance.
  • We are appreciative of the many members who paid in full upfront and on time.
  • Pledges are tax deductible (speak to your accountant).
  • Each year we exceed our budget expectation enables TBT to build up reserves to be more financially stable,
    compensate for short falls in other areas, and make more capital improvements.  

New For This Year

  • Gift Membership - Give the gift of a one-year free Candle Level Membership to a new member for each year you pledge $3,600 and above.
  • Young Adult Membership (part of the voluntary pledge system) - Families (with children not yet in 3rd grade) and
        singles (under the age of 36) are invited to join the TBT community by pledging any dollar amount. 

    Why Should One Family Contribute More While Others Contribute Less? 
  • Giving is a personal choice and there are many factors to consider. You are contributing to your temple and your community, not paying for your fellow congregant. This model helps to build our culture of philanthropy by
    enabling individuals to feel good about the support they are providing. Philanthropic giving (charities & fundraisers) has historically been at different levels based on the donor's desires. You are partnering with your temple family and giving with your heart. 
  • The Commitment To Giving model created tiers which enabled you to determine the appropriate contribution for your family towards the overall costs of Temple Beth Torah. The Sustaining Level of $2,900 represents the
    “fair share” of these costs per family and should be a starting point with adjustments made based upon your
    individual situation and your commitment. We are counting on the generosity of those who choose to contribute more. All of us in the TBT family have some level of connection and it is important that we continue to ensure our Temple’s viability for future generations.

Get The BEST VALUE, Become A Lifetime Member!

  • This is a completely different way to partner with Temple Beth Torah. If you see yourself remaining connected to
    TBT for many years to come, regardless of where life takes you, this is the right choice for you.
  • Pay one time and receive all offered perks for a lifetime.  This one-time payment goes directly into our Lifetime Membership account to help create a vision for the future.
  • Tax deductible (speak to your accountant).
  • Feel the personal reward of philanthropic giving while sustaining your temple, supporting the community, and
    helping ensure TBT is around for the next generation, just as past generations have done for us.
  • We have two Lifetime Members! We are looking for more. Could that be you?

Projected Revenue and Expenses (2021-2022) 

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