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"Revere your teacher as you would heaven"

David Joshua Berg Religious School — Welcome!

Religious School Questions? Call 631-643-1200 x 5 - Rabbi Rachel is around all summer!

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Our school program meets 1x a week until 6th grade; you choose your day! The foundation of our school program is points-like system we call COLLAGE. COLLAGE allows each family endless options for fun, learning and time together through Temple Beth Torah. Each child comes to class once a week AND families enjoy a variety of fun events, services, trips and dinners every month at your discretion. Your freedom to create a Religious Education that works for today’s busy families inspired the name, COLLAGE – piecing together your family, our events, and Jewish tradition into something beautiful.

Our school is an Inclusion model, with one-to-ones available for students of all ages and abilities. I meet with each family to address your needs and goals. We also have the resources available for independent track learning.

Our 7thgrade program takes place on Thursdays and partners with Cantor's lessons and Rabbi's M's workshops for a full and meaningful experience. 

TEEN Programming Grades 8-12 occurs under a wide umbrella of fabulous programs, trips, volunteer opportunities and leadership roles. 

I'd love to tell you more about our fabulous School. For more information contact me at 631-643-1200 ext.328 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

Rabbi Rachel Wiesenberg 

Collage Calendar (See you in SEPTEMBER)

1st Day 2024-25:
Tuesday, September 10th
Wednesday, September 11th


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Peer Tutoring Services (FREE)

STUDENTS grades 3 thru 7: Do you need some help with the letters, vowels or a specific prayer? Why not work with an AWESOME Teenager that knows their stuff?!? Our Teen Tutors are FREE, and work on YOUR schedule!!! 30 minute time slots are available at all times, Monday-Fridays. Call Rabbi Wiesenberg at 631-643-1200 x328 to find your match.

STUDENTS grades 8 thru 12: Are you reliable? Want to help others? Know your stuff from your Bar/Bat Mitzvah? BE A TEEN TUTOR! Get Community Service Hours, help younger students and do it all on your own time! Call Rabbi Wiesenberg at 631-643-1200 x328 to set up your interview!

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