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Ambucycle Update
January 2022

ambucycle update2022


Dear Friends,
I received a letter from United Hatzalah about our Ambucycle that is miraculously still in service.  I think I went to the dedication for the TBT Ambucycle in the Summer of 2014.  Read below for an update.
​​​​​​​Rabbi Susie Moskowitz

Dear Temple Beth Torah,

Yisrael continues saving lives with the help of your ambucycle.
In one incident, a three-vehicle collision took place between a truck, car and van. Traffic built up quickly behind the crash. “The road was completely impassible. Ambulances just couldn’t get through,” related Yisrael. “I would never have reached the scene were it not for the ambucycle. As it was, I was one of the first responders to arrive and treat the drivers.”
Another incident occurred one Friday at 7:00 AM. A 72 year-old man had woken up with chest pain. His concerned wife wanted to call an ambulance but her husband insisted that it would pass. However, the man’s condition continued to deteriorate and half an hour later, as he walked across the room, he suddenly collapsed onto his wife! The elderly woman lowered her husband to the floor and desperately called emergency dispatch.
Thanks to your ambucycle, Yisrael was the first medic to arrive at the home in around two minutes. He attached the defibrillator from your ambucycle’s rescue kit and began chest compressions. By the time an ambulance crew arrived ten minutes later, Yisrael had already delivered four shocks from the AED. The team continued resuscitation and administered a further ten shocks until they managed to restore stable cardiac activity!
This man’s life was saved due to the rapid intervention he received. Thank you for partnering with United Hatzalah and making such a difference to so many people’s lives!
Warm regards,
Chana Halpern | Donor Communications
Israelife - United Hatzalah