Our Covid-19 Response

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Update 12/17/21


I hope you all had safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving and Hanukkah gatherings. With the holiday season still in full swing, many of you will be traveling and having more get-togethers with family and friends in the upcoming weeks. As always, TBT has strived to provide a safe environment for prayer, learning and socializing. Unfortunately, as you are all painfully aware, we are still dealing with the challenges of the pandemic. Local community spread of COVID has been increasing. The Delta variant is still prominent and the Omicron variant seems more infectious, but thankfully less dangerous. There are new government mandates. 

Therefore, I want to remind you that everyone at TBT must wear a mask while indoors, except when actively eating/drinking. I also want to remind you to stay home if sick, if positive for COVID, if quarantining or possibly infectious. 

We have developed a registry for vaccinated individuals, this information is private and will not be shared but will be used for future events that require vaccination. If you have any questions or concerns , please call the main office. Please register each person here and upload your CDC vaccine card.

We are a family at TBT. In the spirit of Pikuach Nefesh, we need to continue to care for each other and look out for the health and safety of us all. I hope you are well, stay warm, have safe holidays and I hope to see you in person or on zoom soon.

President, Temple Beth Torah





Last week Governor Cuomo introduced new guidelines for places of worship.  A Task Force has already been meeting to create guidelines that offer a safe path to the reopening of Temple Beth Torah.  The Reentry Task Force is made up of Clergy, Lay Leadership, Physicians, Attorneys, Religious and Nursery School Directors, Office Manager, and Chairpersons from relevant temple departments and committees.

We plan to hold our first Bar Mitzvah service this Saturday, May 30 back in the Sanctuary following the guidelines. This includes wearing masks and having a maximum of ten people while adhering to “physical distancing”. 

While the Reentry Task Force works diligently to explore ways to safely reopen our building, we will continue to offer all programming remotely to keep our community safe and connected. We will keep you informed on our progress. 

To assure everyone’s safety the office will be open for calls and information Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00am - 4:00pm and Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00am - 12:00pm.

For any questions, please call Kathy in the office (631) 643-1200 x310.


Vanessa Newman
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